What Makes a Disney Legend? with Author Jamie Hecker

What Makes a Disney Legend? with Author Jamie Hecker

In this episode, Eric dives deep into the world of Disney Legends with guest Jamie Hecker, Author of Disney Legends: Makers of Magic Vol. 1. Eric tries to find an answer to the question What Makes a Disney Legend, Jamie helps him figure out what it takes by reflecting on past inductees and discussing potential future honorees. From visual artists and animators to composers and actors, the conversation delves into the significant impact these individuals have had on the Disney legacy. You will have a newfound appreciation for these remarkable individuals and their contributions to the Disney universe.

This year’s Disney Legend Honorees: https://d23.com/disney-legends-2024/

Find more Jamie Hecker: Books: https://jamieheckerwriter.com/ Photography: https://kmfphotography.com/

*Podcast Cover Art photo by Jamie Hecker KMF Photography

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