Exploring Disney's Sky High with the Rare Cuts Media Society Podcast

Exploring Disney's Sky High with the Rare Cuts Media Society Podcast

In this episode, Eric shares an episode from Rare Cuts Media Society where they discuss Disney's 2005 film, Sky High, as part of their superhero summer series. The movie's cast, and the concept of Sky High are explored by the RCMS Panel: Synergy Host Eric and the rest of the Rare Cust team, Rob Lachcik, Andrew Jagoda, and Mike Ross. Sky High is a Disney Film, so theres plenty of Disney to go around! Plus, if you stick around to the end of the episode, you will find out Rare Cuts Media Society’s next viewing assignment….and spoiler alert! Its Disney!

Rare Cuts Epic Superhero Summer Strikes back with Disney’s Sky High (2005). Eric picks the movie about a Superhero High School where Will Stronghold, son of the most famous super hero Duo, The Commander and Jetstream, is about to start his freshman year. The Movie’s all star cast features Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston, Bruce Campbell, Cloris Leachman, Lynda Carter, and A couple of Kids in the Hall! The panel takes a look at whether or not a star studded cast is enough to make this beefed up Disney Channel style movie a worthy successor to Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will Eric get the panel to admit that Sky High paved the way for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Listen to find out!! Find More RCMS at rarecutsmediasociety.com

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