The Beach Boys and Disney

The Beach Boys and Disney

In today's episode, we're riding a wave of Disney magic with the Beach Boys. Host Eric takes us on a journey through the intertwined history of the iconic surf rock band and the Disney empire, just in time for the debut of the Disney+ documentary about the band!. From their songs featured in Disney projects to their collaborations with Annette Funicello and appearances in TV shows like Home Improvement, the Beach Boys have left an undeniable mark on the Disney universe. So, grab your surfboard and get ready to catch some good vibrations as we explore the synergy between the Beach Boys and Disney. This is an episode you won't want to miss, so let's jump in and uncover the magic! Thanks for listening to Synergy Loves Company: How Disney Connects to Everything.

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Beach Boys pic Peter Chiapperino(CC BY 2.0)

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