Post Cereal and Disney with Dan Goubert from The Empty Bowl Podcast

Post Cereal and Disney with Dan Goubert from The Empty Bowl Podcast

Welcome to Synergy Loves Company, the podcast that explores the interconnectedness of everything. In today's episode, we discuss the fascinating relationship between Post Cereals and Disney with special guest Dan Goubert, host of the Empty Bowl podcast (

From the early collaborations of Mickey Mouse on Post Toasties to the recent release of the 100 Years of Wonder “nameless” Celebration Cereal, we'll delve into the intricacies of how Post and Disney have partnered together throughout the years. Dan brings a unique perspective to the discussion, exploring the possibilities of what these Post Cereals of the past may have tasted like.

We'll also explore the history of some other Disney cereals, looking back at familiar brands like Muppets, Toy Story Buzz Blasts, and some not-so-memorable ones. Dan shares his insight into what makes a unique and enjoyable cereal.

Join us for an enlightening discussion on the intersection of two iconic companies and the role of nostalgia in our food and entertainment choices. So grab your bowl of Mickey Mouse Club Birthday Cake Cereal, sit back, and enjoy this episode of Synergy Loves Company.

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