John Stamos and Disney

John Stamos and Disney

In this episode, we delve into actor John Stamos' deep connection to Disney, from his upbringing near Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm to his roles in various Disney projects, including Spidey and His Amazing Friends and Mickey Mouse Fun House, and his role in the Disney Plus series "Big Shot." He also made appearances in Disney TV specials. Additionally, we explore Stamos' new book “If You Would Have Told Me,” and how it shows off his Disney Fandom. We take a look at his collection of Disney memorabilia, such as an original Disneyland sign and a Dumbo ride vehicle. Discover how Stamos' love for Disney played a part in his personal life, including how his marriage to Caitlin blossomed through their shared passion for Disney, and how they continue to pass on their love for the magic to their son. If you're eager for an inside look at John Stamos' deep-rooted Disney fandom, this episode of Synergy Loves Company is a must-listen. Thanks for listening to Synergy Loves Company: How Disney Connects to Everything.

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