Adventures in Disney 1953 with Rare Cuts Media Society

Adventures in Disney 1953 with Rare Cuts Media Society

Join Eric for some podcast synergy as he revisit's his discussion with his other podcast Rare Cuts Media Society! In a recent episode they talked all about three Disney Projects from 1953:

In this episode, we shine a spotlight on The Living Desert, a mesmerizing nature documentary that takes us deep into the vibrant and diverse world of desert wildlife. We also explore the controversial animated shorts Melody and Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom from the Adventures in Music series, where Disney's signature storytelling combines with the magic of music to create experimental animated experiences. Through engaging discussions, we uncover the artististry, cultural impact, and problematic imagery. Not all Animation ages well! Don't miss this immersive exploration of The Living Desert, Melody, and Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom, as we celebrate the beauty of nature and the power of music in the world of Disney. Join the Rare Cuts Media Society as we embark on this nostalgic journey through the enchanting films of 1953.

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Melody (Animated Short)

Toot Whistle Plunk Boom (Animated Short)

The Living Desert (True Life Adventure Documentary)

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